Personal information

Name: Daniel García Moreno
City: Seville (Andalusia)
Born date: 1985
e-mail: dani at

Daniel García Moreno is a versatile and eager software developer that develops applications in different programming environments (web, desktop, system, games, etc) He is expert in python programming language and GNU/Linux operating system. He is agree with open software and content philosophy and implications. As well as professional development as coder, he has vector design and drawing skills and he has collaborate with different projects making logos and poster.

Academic info

Has a degree in Software Engineering from the Seville University. After studied first and second year in Granada University.

Spanish: native.

English: middle level.
Title: Limerick Language Centre, three weeks intensive course in ireland

Remarkable activities


  • Development of a web open source alternative monetary system management application, it was written with python and django, timebank
  • Development of a web open source microblogging application, it was written with python sweetter
  • Version 3.0 rewritten with django sweetter 3.0
  • Development TBO, a gnome comic editor written in C with GTK+ and cairo.
  • Finalist in the third edition of open source university contest and first prize winner in local edition of Seville University with GECO project, a password manager that includes technologies as web services, cryptography, web and desktop applications
  • Car game development, pixcar with net multi-player support. And develop of a real time strategy game pixwar in python with pygame.
  • First open source university contest participant, with the project konqueror con esteroides winning an honourable mention
  • End-of-studies project ssh over identity federation, it's a openssh server patch to allow federated access: fedssh
  • Other developments



  • Active collaboration in SUGUS open source association of the Seville University, giving a lot of workshops about different technologies.
  • XML seminar given for administrative and service personal of Seville University

Work for others